FD Blockers

Proud to introduce a new class of highway blockers.

Western Highways Traffic Safety is proud to introduce a new class of highway blockers designed specifically for first responders. Our first-of-its-kind Fire Apparatus Blocker TMAs are engineered to ensure the safety of first responders and their equipment while they operate on highways. Whether you need to upgrade your existing apparatus or design and build a new customized flatbed blocker, Western Highways has you covered.

Services Offered

  • New Builds: Creating new, customized blockers tailored to your department’s needs.
  • Fabrication: High-quality fabrication services for durable and reliable equipment.
  • Repairs: Comprehensive repair services to keep your blockers and other equipment in top condition.
  • Equipment Servicing: Regular maintenance and servicing to ensure your equipment remains operational.
  • Custom Designs: Tailoring blocker designs to meet specific operational requirements.
  • Product Sales: A range of high-quality safety equipment for various highway safety needs.