Innovation, Quality, and Safety: The Pillars of Our Journey

Pioneering Safety and Excellence in Traffic Control




Forging the Road Ahead: The Western Highways Saga

In 2020, Western Highways Traffic Safety Products ignited its journey, born from the vision and expertise of industry veteran Russ Johnson. This venture was more than a new beginning; it was a mission to redefine the traffic safety landscape. Recognizing a vital need in the market, Western Highways set out to engineer not just affordable but technologically superior truck-mounted attenuators (TMAs).

Our inception marked the start of an era of innovation. Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence, we have been trailblazers in crafting cutting-edge traffic safety solutions. Operating from our advanced fabrication hub in California, Western Highways has quickly carved a niche for itself, known not only for our pioneering TMAs but also for our robust arrow boards, dynamic message boards, and resilient light towers.

Each milestone in our journey is a testament to our unwavering commitment: to spearhead a revolution in traffic safety, blending the best of technology with our forward-thinking vision. Western Highways isn’t just about products; it’s about setting new standards and leading the way for a safer tomorrow.

The Foundation of Western Highways
Birth of Innovation and Commitment to Safety

In a strategic move to diversify Safety Network's operations, Western Highways Traffic Safety Products was established. This marked the beginning of a dedicated effort to fill the market gap for affordable and technologically superior Traffic Management Assistance (TMAs). The foundation of Western Highways represents a pivotal moment in traffic safety, embarking on a mission to redefine industry standards and enhance road safety through innovative solutions.

Expansion and Technological Advancements
Setting New Standards in Traffic Safety Fabrication

Throughout the 2020s, Western Highways Traffic Safety Products ventured into the fabrication world, significantly expanding its operations. With the establishment of a state-of-the-art 52,000 sq ft fabrication plant in California, along with a satellite facility in Justin, Texas, the company emerged as a leader in producing high-quality traffic safety products. This era of expansion was characterized by the creation of cutting-edge TMAs, arrow boards, message boards, and light towers, all designed to surpass industry standards and offer unparalleled safety solutions.

Continued Growth and Leadership in Innovation
Sustaining Innovation and Growth Under Visionary Leadership

By 2024, Safety Network, propelled by Western Highways Traffic Safety Products, saw its workforce grow to over 175 employees, a testament to its sustained growth and commitment to innovation. Under the visionary leadership of Russ Johnson, who brought over 25 years of industry experience to the table, the company reinforced its dedication to enhancing road safety. This period underscored Western Highways' unwavering commitment to setting new benchmarks in traffic safety products and leading the charge towards a safer future on the roads.


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